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  • Vitamins

    More than 75% Indians suffer from vitamin deficiency, leading to poor overall health. GxG is packed with essential vitamins to superboost your skin, hair & body.

  • Minerals

    Lack of minerals is a major cause of weak hair roots and skin concerns. GxG gives you your daily dose of minerals in one single sachet.

  • Anti-Oxidants

    Always wanted young, glowing & radiant skin? Let GxG, with its supercharged antioxidant rich ingredients work its magic.

  • Fiber

    Poor fiber intake plays a large role in acne breakouts, poor gut health & lack of sleep. GxG helps you begin your day the right way with its fiber-rich formulation.

  • Probiotics

    Healthy Gut → Healthy Brain → Healthy Skin → Healthy Hair → Happy You. Power packed with probiotics, GxG is the first step to a happier you.

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Farm To Table!

About Us!

Dr. Su today is a brand synonymous for building ‘acne warriors’ across the globe, with a community of over half a million people. A page on instagram that started through the first lockdown to help people suffering from acne & other skin/hair related concerns has grown into a 

PEOPLE’S BRAND that everyone trusts, adores and relies on for beautiful skin & hair.

Founded by the world’s first acneologist, we at Dr. Su firmly believe in the mission - “You gotta be glowing and growing inside & outside”

Dr. Su aims to inspire by delivering pure nutrition, happiness and a long lasting positive impact with Glow x Grow.

Built with Dr. Su’s 5 a day philosophy, powered with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, probiotics & fiber, Glow x Grow is your skin & hair’s best friend. We make sure that all the ingredients are sourced directly from the best of farms and served right to your table. Science, research & YOU are what makes Dr. Su what it is. We are and will always be super proud of being a People’s Brand.



When Should I Take Glow x Grow?

We would love you to have it before breakfast on an empty stomach for best results. If not, you can sneak in whenever it is convenient for you during the day!

Should Glow x Grow Be Added Only To Water?

Absolutely not! Glow x Grow can be a great addition to your favorite smoothie/drink/meal/snack.

For How Long Should I Take Glow x Grow?

Glow x Grow is not a quick fix. For good lasting results, have it daily for at least 6 months. But good health is a lifelong commitment, so why stop?

I Am Facing A Payment Issue Or Some Other Issue, How Do I Contact You?

For us every query of the Dr. Su Fam is important. E-mail us your queries at and we will be happy to help you out.