Glow x Grow: Rescue Bundle! - Dr. Su Glow x Grow
Glow x Grow: Rescue Bundle! - Dr. Su Glow x Grow
Glow x Grow: Rescue Bundle! - Dr. Su Glow x Grow
Glow x Grow: Rescue Bundle! - Dr. Su Glow x Grow

GxG: Rescue Bundle!

Rs. 4,841.60
Rs. 5,696.00

Doctor Formulated. Researchers Approved.

Exclusive Bundle:

Got period problems? We got you!
Got clear skin goals? You'll get there.
Got hairfall concerns? They’ll grow stronger than ever.

Need daily nutrition requirements fulfilled? You WILL make it through this journey ☀️

If you’re wondering how, it’s easy---Get Glow x Grow Rescue bundle and say goodbye to hair, skin & overall health issues!

Why We Are Better!

No Fakeness, Only Goodness!

From the Dr. Su Community!

Truly, from Farm to Table!

Truly, from Farm to Table!

We are nothing without our farmers!

At Glow x Grow we believe the more hands it takes to make a product, the more impact we can have. Building and upskilling our farmers community has been an important part of what we do. And tell us a better way to deliver pure nutrition right to your table?

We work together and handpick the best of ingredients, blend them, and put it into a pouch that you see today.

All made with their hands, amid a lot of love, labour and laughter.

And we are working really hard to grow our tribe strength to strength. We wanna glow and grow but TOGETHER always!

Sustainable Cups

Creating the Dr. Su Sustainable Cup has been one of the most beautiful and personal experiences for us.

Our cups are made out of crop waste (a natural by-product while farming) directly sourced from our Indian farmers who put a lot of love and labor into everything they do. We aim to be the best guardians of our farmers, without whom we wouldn’t have dreamt about pure nutrition.

We as a brand are always trying to put conscious efforts to make our planet better. Are we there yet? No, but we are slowly getting there.

Our Sustainable Cup is proudly made in India for you to sip’ and glow.

Brand with Conscience!

Dr. Su Glow x Grow is now a Certified Plastic Neutral brand by rePurpose Global.

Our brand is the first in its segment to take this big step toward long-term sustainability. For every product we sell, we contribute a percentage towards vetted impact projects that will remove as much plastic waste from the environment as we create in our packaging and operations. This partnership allows us to cutting-edge recovery, and support ethical wages for marginalized waste workers in Chennai.