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The Summer Skincare Changes Dermatologists want you to make



So apparently, it’s not just you that has to deal with summer, but so does your skin. What can possibly hurt your skin in summer? Huh, it can be rising temperature, humidity, or increasing sun exposure, all of which might hurt your skin. But summer comes even for dermatologists, we share the same sky, same air, and same ground. However, their complexion remains clean and radiant throughout the season. Do you ever wonder how? Stick with us till the end to find out how derms take care of their skin. 


Protect your skin.

First things first. Safeguard your skin every day from the harsh UV rays by using  good sunscreen with at least SPF 30. UV rays can cause saggy skin, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. So, do not forget to apply sunscreen before you go out next time. Just also keep in mind to apply it at least 20 minutes before your leave.



Exfoliating is the key. Your skin produces more oil in summer. As a result, your pores are prone to get more clogged, ugh yes. But exfoliation is the solution to fight this. And, exfoliation also helps you get rid of stubborn dead skin cells. After taking away dead skin cells it leaves the skin a lot smoother and brighter. Exfoliating is definitely worth your time, so make sure you exfoliate twice a week.


Lip balm and not lip gloss.

No lip gloss during the day! Lip gloss absorbs UV rays, increasing your chances of getting sunburned lips. Switch your lip gloss with a good lip balm containing SPF 50 to protect your lips from the sun. YES, even your lips need protection against UV rays. Direct contact with the sun can dry up your lips and make them appear dark. 


Don’t overdo cleansing.

When the temperature rises, so does the oil on our face (BUMMER, we know). In such a case, you may feel inclined to cleanse more thoroughly in order to eliminate the oil; nevertheless, we beg you to not do it. Over cleansing might deplete your skin's natural oils, causing it to generate more. 

Cleansing twice a day is more than enough. And we suggest you double cleanse at the night to remove all dirt, SPF, and makeup.


Do not forget to moisturize.

Repeat after me, “I will moisturize daily”. 

That additional layer of sweating on your face does not qualify as a moisturizer. Even if the weather is hot and humid, you should continue to moisturize it. Moisturizers help to restore the layers of the skin. This guards against air pollutants and chemicals while also preventing additional irritation or dryness.


Vitamin C serum is a good investment.

Vitamin C is beneficial all year, but it is especially crucial in the summer. Vitamin C aids in the prevention of hyperpigmentation, the development of fine wrinkles, and the creation of collagen. Between cleaning and moisturizing, apply a few drops of vitamin C to your skin.

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