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The Holistic Way of Caring for your Hair

Greetings to my queenies! I hope your heels, head, and standards are all as high as they should be. And most importantly, I hope you are taking good care of your hair- your crown. Yes, your hair is the crowning gem of your appearance! But sometimes, it’s hard to deal with the problems related to hair, which makes us all think about hair more than we think about our crush. If you are in the same situation where you are frustrated with hair loss, then this blog is all you need. Go through the blog below to know what the holistic hair care routine to care for your hair is.

How to take care of your hair, and what is the reason behind hair loss?

To fix a problem, we must understand it to the core. With this note, let’s understand the workings of our hair. 

First off, you need to know that it is COMPLETELY NORMAL to shed around 50 to 100 hairs every single day, and the number increases to 100 to 150 hairs on a hair wash day. We lose hair(to some extent), which allows for fresh strands to develop. 

But when the quantity of hair loss increases drastically, that’s when you should start taking action. Culprits behind hair loss can be:

  • Hormonal fluctuations 
  • thyroid imbalance 
  • lifestyle 
  • harsh hair care 
  • and styling products 

But, every problem has a solution, and so does hair loss. And with love, care, and treatment, you can ensure the thickness, length, and shine of your hair. Here’s how:

Be gentle

Yahoo! Keep in mind to treat your hair like a baby. NEVER use harsh solutions/chemicals on your hair. Do not vigorously comb or tug your hair. We recommend you use a soft towel and a pillowcase -made of silk. Also, try to avoid over-washing your hair. 

Eat your way to beautiful hair

Do you like blueberries? We guess you do, and so does your hair. To get healthy hair- eat healthily. To ensure healthy growth, include iron and Vitamin A in your diet. Some of the yummiest yet healthiest options are walnuts, flax seeds, yogurt, spinach, and more. A proper diet with the right nutrients will ensure the nourishment and strength of your hair.


Water may not solve your life's issues, but it definitely works for your hair, and it is a good idea to add it to your hair care routine. Your dull, dry, and lifeless hair is screaming “WATERRR”. Gift your hair the water it deserves. 

Sleep like a baby

A sound sleep is very important for sleeping beauty and even for your hair. When you binge-stream “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” late at night and lack sleep, Skin and hair are the first ones to get upset after your mom. Make it a point to obtain at least 8 hours of undisturbed sleep every night.

Stress is not good for your tress

Stress doesn’t suit you or your hair! Along with the hormonal chaos, there’s more that it causes. When you're stressed, you don't eat properly, sleep well, or pay attention to yourself as much. That’s enough to explain why stress is linked to hair loss. 

A little more care

When you lose your hair babies rapidly, you need to do a bit more to protect them. These are the ways that your Grandma must have told you. Now is the time to listen to her and take care of your hair. Here are a few examples of typical home cures.

  • Warm oil should be massaged into your hair.
  • Eggs Can Benefit Hair Health in General
  • Use as much green tea as possible on your hair.
  • Use Beer to rinse your hair Whenever Possible!
  • Crush an amla to do hair care.
  • Onion juice to your hair.
  • Use rice water as a shampoo and rinse.

Final words

How you treat your hair is exactly how they will treat you back. So make sure you treat your tresses with love and care.  

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