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Is my Diet Damaging my Skin?

Hey, you! Let’s try and make a list of all the festivals and weddings coming up in 2022. It would be a pretty long list, right? It means you need healthy and glowing skin all year long(ahh...we know it’s a struggle). It doesn't matter if it's for festivals or weddings. A naturally healthy, glowing skin cannot be matched by any amount of makeup. 

A healthy, radiant, plumpy skin reveals a lot about the diet. One can easily depict what you consume by looking at your skin. Yes, my friends, that’s how much proper nutrition can do for your skin.

One of the following reasons could be why your skin is prone to damage:

Too much booze

Yes, drinks and parties sound cool! To you, to me, or to almost everyone. But there’s something you should know before you plan on drinking next time. That liquor is not a very good option for your healthy-looking face. Oh yes! Too much drinking can lead to wrinkles on your face. Because alcohol is a natural diuretic, the more you drink it, the more dehydrated you get. This drains the natural moisture from your skin. This might deepen and highlight the wrinkles on your face.

Too much dairy

Are you dealing with oily and damp skin? Do you know who is to be blamed? Your diet, yes, if you are consuming too much dairy, this could possibly cause oily skin due to excess sebum production. 

Foods with a high glycemic index

Do you have to deal with breakouts? If you still add cakes, sweets, and cereal bread to your grocery list, it’s no surprise that your skin has not been clear. The high glycemic index of foods triggers the level of blood sugar and insulin. That later causes breakouts. 

Too high in sodium

The salt in your diet can be the culprit that’s sucking away the moisture from your face. Too much sodium in your body makes your body adjust to retaining water, resulting in not only puffy cheeks but also damaged, dry skin. 

Not drinking enough water.

Sometimes, dark circles can also be the reason for water retention instead of a lack of sleep. The face is not always “what you eat” but “what you drink” as well. Drink at least 64 ounces of water every day to keep those bothersome purple tints at bay.

Too much sugar

Sugar can also be the culprit behind those wrinkles on your face. Your digestive tract is connected to your forehead. So, if you consume too much sugar, it may upset the microorganisms in your stomach, and basically upsets the skin.


Yes, be it in the form of tea, coffee, or cold coffee, when you consume too much coffee, your skin wrinkles. Ugh yes. This is due to caffeine's ability to dehydrate your skin. Dehydration causes our skin to become thin and aged. Such a bummer, right?

Excessive fat

Excess fat is incredibly harmful to our skin. Why? Well, it gives our skin a dreary and lifeless appearance. Fried meals include oxidized fatty acids, which damages key nutrients such as vitamin E and omega-3. This is due to the fact that when excessive heat is applied, many nutrients are destroyed. Excessive frying of meals also results in the development of trans-fats, which promotes breakouts.

So my lovelies, try to stay away from fat as much as you can.

Final words

Now I think it is clear why you can’t just go all out when it comes to eating and boozing. Your skin might be the one to pay for it later, and I know you don’t want that, do you? So always be mindful of what not to gulp down.

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