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5 Game-Changing Nutrients for your Skin (Dermatologists Approved)

“Before you crush some fruit to apply it to your face, consider eating it.”

You know that vitamins are the micronutrients that our bodies require to function. Then it would not be wrong to say that consuming some nutrients might have a significant impact on your skin. Your skin needs proper nutritional balance to perform its primary function. It serves as a barrier between the rest of your body and the outside world. Feed your skin healthily from the inside out to maintain its looks and function wonderfully. 

For that reason, you should add a few nutrients to your daily diet for the glow your skin deserves. All the nutrients listed below are approved by dermatologists, so you need not worry about them. And what are those nutrients? Go through the blog below, and find out. 

Vitamins: The Answer to Everything

Is there anything that vitamins can’t do for our bodies? I don't believe there is an answer to this question. As there’s so much to thank vitamins for. From maintaining our mental health to improving our immune system to almost taking care of our entire wellness. There’s more to the role of vitamins. Like, along with maintaining what’s happening inside the body, vitamins do take care of what’s on the outside. Yes, you’re right- the skin. 

Wondering what vitamins do for your skin? Well, here’s what they help with:

  • Reduce the amount of redness
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Treat dark spots
  • Soothe dry skin by moisturizing it.
  • Rough spots are reduced.

Minerals- A support system for vitamins

Just like nutrients are crucial for our skin, so are minerals. Minerals help in the proper utilization of vitamins and other nutrients. Okay, let’s start with a few functions that minerals perform. maintains hydration levels of the skin, supports the regeneration process of skin cells, and other functions. 

Now let’s talk about what minerals do for your skin:

  • Strengthen the skin's matrix,
  • Helps avoid skin problems

Antioxidants are the hero ingredients for skin

Almost all skin care products contain antioxidants. This shows how much antioxidants do for the skin. It works as a barrier for the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals. Most of the time, these free radicals are around you. Thinking about what it is? Umm, pollution, stress, cigarettes, chemicals, UV rays, and so on.

Let’s dive into what antioxidants do for your skin:

  • Reverse the appearance of aging and damage.
  • Protects against free radicals.
  • Skin is brightened.
  • Exceptionally hydrating


Here's a hot take: Fiber is a magic spell since it's a hidden beauty enhancer. Along with its ability to improve gut health, decrease "bad" cholesterol, and keep you regular, it also has the potential to improve the appearance of your hair, skin, and nails. It also increases the levels of oxygen and nutrients in the skin cells. In the end, your skin's appearance will improve from the inside out.

What fiber does for your skin: 

  • It aids in the improvement of blood circulation.
  • Increases the availability of oxygen.
  • Feed the skin with nourishment.
  • Enhances the look of skin.

Probiotics -  Your New Bestie

You know how important a good pH level in the skin is, right? Do you know who takes care of it? Probiotics: Yes, probiotics regulate the pH of the skin. Alongside, it also feeds the skin and looks after it from free radical damage. It has the capacity to change numerous elements of skin development, giving it a more youthful appearance.

Your bestie comes with many different benefits:

  • Reduce acne outbreaks.
  • Dry skin caused by mange
  • Reduce the appearance of skin aging
  • Prevents skin cancer

Final words

Keeping track of what enters the body is very important because of the fact that what occurs inside the body manifests on the outside. To improve your nutritional intake, pay strict attention to the nutrients mentioned above.

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