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5 Easy Self-Care Habits That Go a Long Way

With technology developing at the speed of light and life becoming busier, it has become all the more difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Stress is a part of our everyday lives, and unwinding is a time-consuming process. But isn't it important for us to know how to take care of ourselves? Investing in self-care will only help us upgrade our lifestyle and health. Here are some tips that can be incorporated into our daily lives to make life easier and more enjoyable.

#1. Maintaining a proper morning and evening routine

Just before we start any exercise, it helps us prepare for active workouts and helps avoid damage to a great extent. Similarly, a morning routine helps one get themselves on track as to how they want the day to turn out. Right from having a cup of water to planning breakfast and setting up a to-do list for the day, being prepared makes the tasks easier to handle and less of a chore.

Just like a warm-up helps, the end of the day should have activities that help wind down. It helps one calm down from busy activities and helps the body and mind prepare to rest so that maximum benefits can be reaped from rest.

#2. Having a suitable skincare routine
Ever wondered why your skin still seems to be dull after following a skincare routine? Well, it could probably be because it is not made for your skin type. Skincare routines should be tailor-made to suit one’s skin. It could also vary seasonally. One must keep in mind that they must include products that are not harsh on their skin and practice safe skin care practices. Skin cleansing followed by moisturizing should never be missed. Other steps like toning and using serums can all be included depending on the time of the day and the requirements of one’s skin. No matter the number of skin care products used, consistency is the only step that can show reliable results.

#3. Monitoring ingredients in food

Everyone has a nutrition profile they must fulfill to maintain good health and metabolism. Failure to do so would result in fatigue and eventually progress to other conditions. It is always the right time to switch to whole foods and natural, chemical-free foods. Try to refrain from refined flours and highly processed foods that have very low nutritional value and high calories. Add fruits and veggies of various colors to your food to make it more interesting and nutritious.

#4. Have an active lifestyle

Exercise helps one stay active and healthy. But as we get busier in life, it can be taxing to set aside a schedule to workout. Been there? We understand. Though it is always preferred to set a specific routine for workouts, this might not always be practical. If you find this difficult to pursue and still want to keep yourself active, try including NEAT- non-exercise activity thermogenesis. Want to know how you can do it? Stand more often at your office or home, when walking; walk briskly, remember to walk when you are on a phone call, or take a longer route by parking your vehicle slightly far away from your office or home.

#5. Write a journal

Journaling is a self-care habit that lets one express their thoughts without the fear of being judged. Effective expression of thoughts helps keep our minds clear. All of us have had situations where we feel stressed for a long time, but the moment we open up to a friend or family member, a lot of our stress seems to vanish. Sometimes, our thoughts cannot be expressed to another person due to the fear of being misunderstood. Journaling is helpful in situations like these. It helps keep track of our experiences and feelings, which can also serve as motivation as we move on.


A few simple self-care habits can change the overall quality of life. Taking the time to sit down and appreciate your environment helps you focus better and work on your development. Life doesn't always have to be a race. Enjoying the process is as important as crossing every milestone. Take the time to realize your worth and celebrate the awesomeness you possess.

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